Sunday, November 27, 2011

Kill your Fucking Stress with this!

Being flexible is one great way to add multiple advantages to our physical performance!! The question that I hear the most is usually why stretching and flexibility training are important. To respond to this, I usually list a large number of benefits that flexibility training provides to those who practice it, and it usually goes something like this:

• Improve posture

• Increase ROM (range of motion) at a given joint

• Improve functional flexibility

• Increase nutrition to the joints

• Prevent injuries

• Reduce muscle soreness

• Reduce stress

• Increase personal enjoyment

• Enhance relaxation

Now so that all of you can further understand a little bit of how each of these benefits is obtained, I will explain each of them in further detail.

Improved Posture

Flexibility training can help improve and realign skeletal structures that have adapted and become accustomed to incorrect posture and poor exercise technique. With continued flexibility training, people will find it easier to maintain proper posture and coupled with improved muscular balance through resistance training, the efforts of daily activities will become less strenuous and much more efficient.

Increased ROM at a joint

Flexibility training can also help improve your Range Of Motion at a given joint. To reiterate from earlier, Range Of Motion refers to the area of movement available at a given joint. An increase of range of motion at a joint can help provide you with an increased mechanical efficiency and result in safer and more effective movements. To break it down a little, a mobile or flexible joint moves much easier through a range of motion and requires less energy.

Improvement of Functional Flexibility

Functional or “useable” flexibility refers specifically to a given joints movement capabilities and their relation to every day activities. So to improve functional flexibility, ROM should be challenged in a way that closely mimics or relates to daily movement. The same principle is applied to sport specific resistance training when an athlete is attempting to improve a specific skill within their sport.

Increased Joint Nutrition

Increased joint nutrition refers mainly to an increase in blood supply, nutrient delivery and joint synovial fluid. Combining an adequate warm-up along with the popular hold and release method of stretching, helps to increase or elevate the temperature of tissues which in turn increases circulation and the delivery of nutrients through the blood. Also, regular stretching helps to decrease the thickness of synovial fluid which makes it easier for nutrients to travel to and reach cartilage. It can also possibly lead to an increase in movement efficiency within the joint and aid in lessening the degeneration of a joint.

Injury Prevention

The theory behind flexibility and injury prevention is that a greater ROM makes tissues, such as connective tissues, less resistant to stretch. Therefore, athletes and people who practice flexibility are less prone to injury due to their tissues being able to move through a greater range of motion. Also, because of the greater range of motion, their tissues are less prone to soft tissue damage. Let it be known however that strength and stability training should be present as well to further enhance resistance to injury.

Reduce Muscle Soreness

The role of flexibility in the reduction of muscle soreness can play a large part. Although the physiological reason for how stretching enhances recovery is unknown, apparently research has indicated that slow or static stretching done after exercise can reduce or prevent delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and enhance recovery from exercise. I believe that flexibility aids in recovery after exercise due to the fact that alternating tension and release experienced in the tissues through stretching will promote an increase in tissue temperature, which will then lead to an increase in blood circulation and supply, carrying with it nutrients to be delivered to the tissues. With the nutrients needed for healing and repair quickly delivered, the healing process is underway much sooner and the potential is there for the tissues to be worked again sooner. Additionally, stretching can help to limit post-exercise muscle spasms that could contribute to muscle soreness.

Enhanced Relaxation, Personal Enjoyment & Reduced Stress

Flexibility training helps to reduce and release tension and stress in the muscles. Why do you think Yoga is so popular? When performed in the right atmosphere or the right environment and with the proper technique, stretching can help reduce mental and muscular stress and induce feelings of personal enjoyment. I know that when I finish a session of flexibility training, I feel refreshed and I attribute it to the release of tension from my muscles.

So now that you have a little knowledge on the benefits of stretching and flexibility, hopefully this will prompt you, if you don’t already, to start implementing flexibility training into your workouts.

It's painful at start, but when you regularly do it, you'll found it very exciting and fun!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011


In order become expert in one thing or anything you need a massive amount of experience. Where to get them? it's on you, you need to find it, its not in the internet damn it! its not inside the book either!

For example you want to expert in cheating, you can't just read book how to cheat, you have to do it for real. You need a lot of experiment, to confirm your tactics is effective, but I'm not teaching you how to cheat people, it's just an example. You need a certain amount of confident level in yourself to do something smoothly.

I'm not an expert in explaining this "experience" thing! but I want to start collecting some experience so that I can become expert in this "experience" thing! twisted right! My head is twisted too.

Okay, lets move to the other example, let's see a football or soccer. I did pick this because I used to play the sport until now. Since I'm a child I always watch people play football on the field and easily throw a stupid thought about the game, whereas I never play on the field at that time. So, when the time comes, I play with some friends on the field. At that moment, the first time I thought football is not an easy thing to play. I can't control the ball, my kick is out of target, and ways off!

But, I didn't stop from playing football because of my lack, I start realize that football is enjoyable, besides most of my friends play. I keep playing and learn many moves, some strategy. And also play with many people, different places, but sadly my experience level in football is very low. I didn't play in any championship or league, because I didn't take it seriously, just sport for my health and to move my muscle, that's all.

So, get back to how to gain experience. You have to do the thing, you have to face the thing, you have to learn from your failure. Different thing different way and approach, but if you love the thing and have a fucking passion towards it, you will go with the flow, trust me. Always take yourself to the top, I mean target higher and bigger! One step at a time.

As for me, I have a passion in art, digital art, photography and creating eye catching images for personal and maybe commercial purposes someday. But my progress is real slow, it's me slow...really much careful about a little things. It's not a good thing, I have to move faster!

Nothing much in this entry, but my point here is in order to stand in a good position u have to struggle from the ground first, no need to beat the best or be the best, but feel the major pain and always look from the critical side and be there (just don't die in action).

There are few major types of Experience!!


and I don't have much time to elaborate each of them, you can read it in wikipedia.
Till next time! GAIN MORE EXPERIENCE PEOPLE! Be a Pro!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Energizing and Motivating Rytheme for Workout

It's been a while, maybe a years and half I didn't update my blog. Maybe I'm not into it anymore, there is a lot of things that happen in that time. Last September I did finish my degree, and attending the convocation ceremony. I suppose graduate last year, but I didn't make it, because of some problems. But finally this year I did it! So congratulations for me!

By the way, since last year I did start some serious workout. Yes! A Workout! Why? simple, I did it to gain some pound, and mostly to improves my appearance! Well its not that easy, my starting weight was 49kg, and now after a year and few month, I did pack some kilos of muscle. As for now my current weight is 64kg. So how many kilos? its about 15kg!! That is a lot of meat!

Well, its not an easy things to do, I mean to gain lean muscle. Of course if you just target to gain weight, without any exercise, just grab a ton of meal! but, I'm sure you might disappoint by the result, The shape is could be round at your belly, its probably just a fat! So, add some weight training, learn how to do simple compound exercise which is working more than one major muscle at a time, it saves more time and consume less energy as well. The key here is you must store more energy, or eat a lot of carbohydrates! and add protein 1/2 of carb quantity. That's it, simple right, that what I've done for last year until now. But sometime, I have no time to keep that discipline go on, I've stuck for few weeks until a month or two, I forgot those target, but now I'm on that track again, and I will gain some more man!

My target would be 75kg! so, maybe I need another 10 month!
So here I'm suggesting some energizing and motivating SONGS! while you workout! This sure boost your energy and your will power!

1.Eminem - Loose Yourself
2.Cristina Aguilera - Fighter
3.Fort Minor - Remember The Name
4.Eminen - Till I Collapse
5.50Cent - What's Up Gangsta

This is the best for me, but I'm still looking for more. So, till next time. See ya!