Thursday, November 24, 2011

Energizing and Motivating Rytheme for Workout

It's been a while, maybe a years and half I didn't update my blog. Maybe I'm not into it anymore, there is a lot of things that happen in that time. Last September I did finish my degree, and attending the convocation ceremony. I suppose graduate last year, but I didn't make it, because of some problems. But finally this year I did it! So congratulations for me!

By the way, since last year I did start some serious workout. Yes! A Workout! Why? simple, I did it to gain some pound, and mostly to improves my appearance! Well its not that easy, my starting weight was 49kg, and now after a year and few month, I did pack some kilos of muscle. As for now my current weight is 64kg. So how many kilos? its about 15kg!! That is a lot of meat!

Well, its not an easy things to do, I mean to gain lean muscle. Of course if you just target to gain weight, without any exercise, just grab a ton of meal! but, I'm sure you might disappoint by the result, The shape is could be round at your belly, its probably just a fat! So, add some weight training, learn how to do simple compound exercise which is working more than one major muscle at a time, it saves more time and consume less energy as well. The key here is you must store more energy, or eat a lot of carbohydrates! and add protein 1/2 of carb quantity. That's it, simple right, that what I've done for last year until now. But sometime, I have no time to keep that discipline go on, I've stuck for few weeks until a month or two, I forgot those target, but now I'm on that track again, and I will gain some more man!

My target would be 75kg! so, maybe I need another 10 month!
So here I'm suggesting some energizing and motivating SONGS! while you workout! This sure boost your energy and your will power!

1.Eminem - Loose Yourself
2.Cristina Aguilera - Fighter
3.Fort Minor - Remember The Name
4.Eminen - Till I Collapse
5.50Cent - What's Up Gangsta

This is the best for me, but I'm still looking for more. So, till next time. See ya!