Monday, April 19, 2010

My Version of Grooming Tips

We live in a time when it pays to look younger, whether it's in the workplace or in the dating world, no matter where we are, one and the most key to success is GOOD GROOMING!

There are few main part for me as a very sensitive and important part when its come to grooming. It is hair, face, clothing and body odor. For me, this three part a very sensitive, I mean a slight change could make a huge different.

Lets start with the hair, since I'm having a curly type hair, there some problem to maintain my hairstyle and haircut. I cant leave my hair uncut for longer than 2 month, when its happen, it will look really messy! and i know, that is only happen to my type of hair, I have seen a lot people with curly hair, and they keep it long, look nice and eyes catching, but I don't feel its comfortable, unless for me. Besides, as a college student I should have a clean appearance. So, eventually i choose to keep my hair short and clean, that's make me feel very comfortable.

And now we move on to the face. Yes, men face, its not like women face, I have an oily skin type, and still not easy to take care. I've been using many type of cleanser finally I've found new one, Biore for men, maybe you should try it. I use it everyday, make me feel fresh after using it, and last for a half day, that is just nice. I've too keep using cleanser, and I think it is essential to maintain the facial hygiene.

When its come to clothing, I'm not really fashionable or update with the latest trend in dressing. But, as long its look nice and suite for me, I'm not choosy. But, there are few rules! First, I don't like wrinkle! so, I will iron my cloth before wear them. I don't like colorful shirt, at least 3-4 color combination. When I'm hang out with friends, I will wear only t-shirt and jeans, with shoes. Its look simple but attractive, at least for me.

Okay, here is the final one, BODY ODOR! I'm a guy, a normal guy with normal body odor! what did i do to prevent my body odor? First, get shower 2 times a day, I'm using PROTEX, to protect me from bacteria (may be this work), and with shampoo of course for my hair. It's not enough with just shower, I need to put some deodorant or spray, and I've been trying new product from ADIDAS, here is the picture below. its just feel and smell good all day long.

Well, that's all for my grooming tips, so far so good for me. maybe i would try something new when I'm working. To have a professional look! By the way, this entry is the under PROJECT ALPHA SEASON 2, and here is the latest video of Project Alpha. CHECK IT OUT!

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cemomoi said...

don poget to grum our heart also

afzainizam said...

Salam ziarah salam muhibbah dari

biar leh hensom kan janganlah nampak serabai tak terurus.... biar papa asal bergaya