Monday, April 26, 2010

My Dream Destination

Hello readers, this is just the right topic for me to talk about! Yeah MY DREAM DESTINATION! I list them down. First JAPAN, second CANADA and third EGYPT!

Why those three country is in my list? actually it is my top three, if i could, i just want to go anywhere around the world, but sadly i never cross the border of Malaysia, even after 21 years of my life, wait a minute! I have ever went to Philippine when i was 12. And that was a long time a go. But its not my dream destination! Its my "real" hometown.

So, lets talk about Japan! yes, its my favorite country from A to Z. What is that mean huh? A to Z? yeah, everything about that country. The people, culture, food, lifestyle, language, education, movies, drama, cartoon, manga, anime!!! they are superCOOL country, superCOOL people! they are just amazing, and Did you Toyota, Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha?? those are top BRAND in the world was made from JAPAN! yeah! Besides, their technology is super ADVANCE! I just admire their IDEA. And that is why Japan is my First Dream Destination.

And Why CANADA is in the Second? I know You have no idea, but i have a reason, My Favorite Girl was from that country. Guess who?? haha, that 24 year old punk rock singer! AVRIL LAVINGE. I'm sure she is Canadian. There is nothing much about Canada, and i think its just the same with U.S, about their people, culture and technology, maybe I still didn't see much, but Avril Lavigne is the BEST DAMN THING!

And the third is Egypt. This place is just AMAZING! they got pyramid, what do we call that?? I forgot, the statue that was made a thousand years ago, who else can do that? Even Japan is not capable, I think they capable, but what for? that thing is already built, they like to built new thing from new idea, that's Japan. About Egypt, the history they made is like nothing else. They are the first and the last.

So, that is 3 of my top list, where i really wanted to go. I'm sure everyone has their Own Dream Destination. Dream it and Live It!

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HoneyBUZZin said...

Ohaiyo! I would also like to visit Japan someday..