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Intelligence Agencies for Israel (The Mossad)

Have you ever heard "The Mossad"? If u dont, here a brief story about this agency. Who, what, where and why.?

The Mossad (HaMossad leModi'in uleTafkidim Meyuhadim) - Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations) is the national intelligence agency of Israel. "Mossad" is the Hebrew word for institute or institution. Membership in the Mossad is very prestigious in Israeli society, and the organization is considered to rank among the most effective intelligence agencies in the world.

The Mossad is responsible for intelligence collection, counter-terrorism, covert operations such as paramilitary activities and political assassinations and the facilitation of aliyah where it is banned. It is one of the main entities in the Israeli Intelligence Community (along with Aman (military intelligence), OADNA and Shin Bet (internal security), but its director reports directly to the Prime Minister. Its role and function is similar to that of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6).

Simply, Mossad is an elite institution in Israel, specialist in military.

Formed in December 13. 1949 as the Cenral Institute for Coordination.
Headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Consist of six main department:
  1. Collection Department
  2. The Political Action and Liaison Department
  3. Special Operations Division
  4. Lochamah Psichologit Department
  5. Research Department
  6. Technology Department
Mossad's former motto: "For by trick you can wage your war, and in abundance of counselors there is victory"

Directors of Mossad

* Reuven Shiloah, 1949-1952
* Isser Harel, 1952-1963
* Meir Amit, 1963-1968
* Zvi Zamir, 1968-1974
* Yitzhak Hofi, 1974-1982
* Nahum Admoni, 1982-1989
* Shabtai Shavit, 1989-1996
* Danny Yatom, 1996-1998
* Efraim Halevy, 1998-2002
* Meir Dagan, 2002-present

Video of "The Mossad history"


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