Friday, March 20, 2009

Laila's Lounge

aila's Lounge were formed in Johor Bahru during the late 90's by vocalist Hadi, guitarist Bai and second guitarist IchamThey've later recruited bassist Bulat (Bai schoolmate) and drummer Sham Daging completing the original line-up.They've also joined by a Kluk-Kluk Adventure keyboardist Ajeep to support the band's live performances/gigs.

Led by singer Hadi and guitarist Bai, the band caused a buzz in late 90's for their ability to captivate audiences with their musical textures and sonic aptitude.Although the band has received a huge recognition by gig-goers/indie-lovers,they've never recorded a proper material due to their personal problem at that time.

To make thing even worse, in 1999 drummer Sham Daging whose mental health had been deteriorating for several months sent the band into a nowhere state.Later, their talented bassist Bulat left the band due to his personal problem.The band then recruited a new bassist, Anaz (Bai and Hadi house mate) with second guitarist Icham switched his role to drummer and stretched the band life span.In 2002, ex-Polythene guitarist David joined the band as a second guitarist.

A years later, due to a several frustrating event in his life, singer Hadi finally called it a quit and moved to KL where he joined a local theater group called Sanggar Karya and becoming a devoted stage worker/activist.His decision then led to the parted of newly recruited David and the band were in the verge of breakup.But not until their most influential member, guitarist Bai had to chose the same path as co-founder Hadi, they've tried to refill his role by recruited several candidates in order to save the band's life span.And they've failed.

But bassist Anaz whose love and passion for the band has made him refused to call it a quit, recruited a new guitarist Toya and succeed in persuaded Icham and Bai to reformed Laila's Lounge.In late 2005, they've began to worked on a new material and set a vision towards band's future.Half a years later, ex-vocalist/co-founder Hadi rejoined the band as they moving forward to a new era of Laila's Lounge.

Right now, they've been busy compiling on a new material for their upcoming debut album....

Download thier hits song below!!

Mawar Khayalan.mp3

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